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How well do you use Twitter?  Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool that provides simple yet powerful insights and features that help you monitor, manage, track and optimize your activities on Twitter. Twitonomy also allows you to monitor and analyze your competitors. Some of the best features include the well-designed charts and visual analysis. These are not just pretty images; they help generate insights to improve your use of Twitter.

How much do you know about your Twitter activity and that of your competitors?

As a Twitter user you will have a good sense of your activity and possibly that of your competitors. However, how much do you really know? For example:

  • How many mentions and retweets did you get last month?
  • In the last six months who did you engage with most in the form of replies, mentions and retweets?
  • Are there influencers following you that you are not following back?
  • Who most engages with your competitors?
  • Who do your competitors most reply to?
  • What hashtags do your competitors use most?
  • What competitor tweets were the most retweeted last month?

Twitonomy will provide you with the answers to all these questions and many more. Using their statistics, dashboards and charts you can gain insights to help you fine-tune your content and engagement strategies on Twitter.

Twitonomy Overview

It is easy to get started on Twitonomy; you just connect your Twitter account to get access to the free version. There is also a premium version, but the generous free version provides you with a wide range of powerful and insightful analytics tools. While you may want the premium features, such as detailed search analytics on specific keywords, you can still get great insights with the free version.

Twitonomy is organzied into sections or pages, which can be accessed from the following top menu. 

Twitonomy Menu

I will walk you through some of the key features below.

Profile Analytics

Click into the Profile section and you will begin to see why people love Twitonomy. The profile section provides great analytics on any Twitter profile. It defaults to your profile, but you can also review your competitor’s Twitter account.

Twitonomy creates really useful visual charts which help provide insights into any Twitter account. The charts below show the analytics for the @socialmedia2day Twitter acount since December 11, 2013. You can see:

  • users the account retweets most often, e.g. you can quickly see these are @VinceKuratis and @rwang0
  • the users most replied to, e.g. the chart shows that @augieray is the person replied to
  • the users mentioned most often, e.g. @SmartDataCo is the most mentioned
  • the hashtags most used, e.g. not surprisingly #socialmedia is the most-used hashtag

Twitonomy Activity

Twitonomy also shows in a table form the most retweeted and most favorited tweets from the account. It also shows the Twitter lists that follow the account, the timing of tweets, volume of tweets over time, and lots more information. 

What is particularly nice about this page is not just the great visuals but that you can get analytics for any Twitter profile: just enter the name. So you can easily get insights on your competitors’ Twitter activities. This enables you to see who their influential followers are, whom they engage with, whom they retweet and whom they mention. 

Your Mentions and Retweets

Click the Mentions & RTs option on the menu to see your engagement. I really like this panel on Twitonomy. It helps you assess the potential reach of retweets and mentions; for example, in my case there were 447 mentions, which provided a potential combined reach of 14m people.

Twitonomy mentions

It shows a table of the most influential users and most active users that engage with you. I have shown just the first two users in the table in the image above. You can see that my most influential engager on Twitter is Social Media Today, as they have mentioned me 43 times.  

In this section you can also see a world map showing where mentions of you came from; it looks great, but I am less convinced of the value of this feature. It may help you to review which regions you are being mentioned in, but I think a simple table list would be more helpful. Alternatively, what would be helpful is an analysis of when my followers are online and the best time for me to tweet.

Twitonomy does not have the powerful influencer search, rating and filtering features of many of the Outreach Twitter tools, but it does provide a good analysis of your personal engagement. 

Follower analytics

Click the Followers menu option and you will get details about your followers. I really liked the table layout as I could instantly see some of the influential people following me that I should have been following back. You can follow back directly from within Twitonomy. You can easily re-sort your follower list by each column, such as number of followers.

Twitonomy Followers

You can do the same type of analysis for the people you are following by clicking the Followers option on the menu.

Monitoring Dashboard

In the Dashboard you can set up a number of monitoring panels for keywords, your Twitter lists or individual Twitter users. You can drag these panels around the dashboard as you want them and use Twitonomy like a Twitter client. Below is an example of four panels I set up. Two are for Twitter topic searches, namely Content Marketing and Elearning; one is for my Content Marketing Twitter list and one is for my home stream. Hopefully you can see how you might create your own personal dashboard with these panels.

Twitonomy Dashboard

You can browse the tweets in each panel and interact with these posts directly from within Twitonomy, by replying or retweeting. 

Search and Lists

In the Search section you can search and monitor keywords or topics. You can get great analytics, though this is a premium feature. As an alternative, you can use a free social search tool such as Topsy.

In the Lists section you can manage your Twitter lists, but I didn’t feel that anything particularly special was added here; however, it is useful to display Tweets from your lists in the Dashboard.


Twitonomy is a very popular Twitter analytics tool, and for good reason. A wide range of organizations use this tool, including brands, agencies and social media professionals. Twitonomy Premium clients include global public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller, the Australian government, the French government (Fondation de France), Orange, and Shazam. 

If you need more insights into Twitter, then Twitonomy is a great place to start.

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