#Scandal’s Back: Five Olivia Pope Work Habits for Success


Scandal's Back Five Olivia Pope Work Habits for Success

We’ve waited many months, and now, it’s here. Scandal is officially back, and we will get to finally learn “Where in the world is Olivia Pope”, plus see how the fourth season will unfold. Olivia Pope is one of television’s favorite characters for many reasons. One of them is because she is such a powerful businesswoman, who happens to not be able to utilize that same power in her love life. I think a lot of women can relate, so she resonates with so many of us. No matter how dysfunctional her personal life is, when it comes to her professional career, she’s the best of the best. She has several endearing qualities work wise that we can all learn from.

After three seasons, I’ve seen Olivia grow as a career woman in her profession. She has an incredible work ethic that can benefit us all.

Here’s my list of Five Olivia Pope Work Habits for Success:

The Art of Listening

When Olivia is meeting with clients or with her staff of loyal employees, watch how she listens carefully to what they say. The art of listening is a huge work habit that can help you tremendously in the office. Being a good listener allows you to take in information, digest it, and then move forward accordingly. People who are good listeners typically do well in their careers. So if you need to, work on those listening skills. It’s a wonderful skill to have.

Above and Beyond

Olivia never fails to go above and beyond for her clients, and for her staff. This is a lost art nowadays, but it something that is important, especially if you are in business for yourself. My motto has always been to under-promise and over-deliver. Doing this helps set expectations and help you with retention. Olivia is always doing whatever she needs to for her clients, sometimes, too much. But going above and beyond (within reason) is a work habit that will always bode well for you.

Olivia Pope White HatTeam Player and Team Leader

Olivia knows how to play her position. She can lead and she can also play on a team. A work habit like this is highly-coveted and respected. Whether you are working for yourself or for a company, you aren’t an island. You need to have people skills and be able to work well with others, leading when necessary and/or warranted.

Dress for Success

When it comes to Olivia Pope’s wardrobe, she slays. Her pieces speak power, but are still feminine and classy. Your career-wear is often the first thing people see, so dressing for success is a work habit that cannot be undervalued.

Admitting Mistakes and Taking Responsibility

This is a HUGE work habit that is important in your career. I love how Olivia is able to admit it to others when she has made a mistake. She doesn’t pass the buck or place blame on others. While in the workforce, I saw this happen far too often when people didn’t want to admit their faults or mistakes. To err is human. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

Olivia Pope sure has her hands full, but professionally, she is a beast. These work habits she possesses can go a long way in your career. And that isn’t fiction.

The Cubicle Chick