Santa Is Selling Personalized Videos on Facebook


PNPSantaBanner650Hey kids (or rather, parents), Santa‘s got a brand new bag — and a Facebook page, too! He’s communicating directly to your child with old-fashioned tidings in a newfangled way, via customized videos you can create yourself (without taking direct credit, of course)! Want to be Santa’s little (or big) helper this Christmas and give your child the thrill of their young lives? Right this way …

Now in its seventh year, theFacebook page for Santa’s Portable North Pole (or “PNP,” since these young hipsters abbreviate everything these days) offers seasonal salutations from Kris Kringle himself. It’s actually a festive front for a French-based website, with automatic English translation. And we thought Santa was German! Maybe he just likes all that fatty food.

But the point is, this uniquely inventive cyber-gift isn’t coming from France or Germany or the Macy’s parade – it’s coming directly from Santa. And you. But consider yourself a “silent partner” in this festive subterfuge. By submitting your own photos and providing tidbits of personal info that be included in this visual postcard, you can “prove” to your charmingly gullible offspring the “real” Santa actually did make this video just for them! In fact, they’re so beautifully produced, you may start wondering yourself.

In case you need some inspiration, the Facebook page is chock full of entertaining videos direct from Santa and his elves, offering not only tips and special package deals for you, but general messages to your kids about the importance of keeping their rooms clean.

You can also upload video of your child’s reaction to Santa’s salutations. I’ve gone into creative cahoots with Santa myself, so I can personally vouch for our combined effectiveness. You’ll have as much fun making these missives as your child does watching them. It’s really a present for both of you.

The prices are more than reasonable, but the look on your child’s pleasantly surprised face? That’s right: priceless.

So now do you believe in Santa, Virginia? If not, we have a cleverly corroborative video just for you.

Readers: Have you done this for your child yet? If so, please share some of your ideas — after all, this is the season of sharing! Holiday cheers to all!