Samsung Planning Smartphones That Fold In Half For 2015


According to Lee Chang-hoon, Vice President of Business Strategy, Samsung Display, the display-making affiliate of Samsung Electronics, the company is planning to launch a flexible display for smartphones that can be folded in half. ZDNet reports that after a favorable reception of the Galaxy Note Edge device, which has a curved display that wraps around its side, Samsung is more excited for these foldable innovations.

While not much information is public about the future of foldable devices, it is interesting (and fun!) to think bout the possibilities. Perhaps multi-tasking will become the new bread and butter on smart phones, where you could have two apps running simultaneously. Let’s say you’re watching a sporting event through the Watch ESPN app on the left, and on the right you’re following conversations around the game on Twitter. The possibilities for dual-screen functionality are countless, and incredibly customizable.

Samsung is also planning to release fewer smartphone devices in 2015, and focus more on the remaining models. This will allow the low-end and mid-end products to reduce in price, and the high-end products to advance further with technology and innovation. Click here for the entire ZDNet article.

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