Rethinking Corporate: 4 Ways Companies Can Adapt to Stay Ahead


Startups are known for being under resourced, but lean and agile, with the ability to respond quickly to events. Big companies, however, are known for being well resourced, but slow and stagnant. If you are part of a large company, get the best of both worlds by learning new strategies from startups to stay ahead!

  1.  Let Your Separate Departments Interact
    When departments are siloed and communication across teams is minimal, it is difficult for a company to produce the best possible products. Through cross-pollination of different parts of a company, employees can thinking more creatively and create better products, more quickly.

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  2. Make Your Brand’s Voice More Exciting
    The Internet has helped people everywhere express and share their creative potential, raising this generation’s expectations of the material published by brands. Brands either need to work to make their voice more exciting, or get lost in the sea of more interesting material available. Learn some survival tips for the coming second extinction of the dinosaurs!

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  3. Add Some Structure To Your Customer Engagement Strategy
    Engagement is a very important word for marketers, but what good is engagement if it is not sustained? Learn how to ensure that your customer engagement will continue in the long-term and how valuable customer insights from your different channels can be.

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  4. Seek Advice From Others
    Don’t be afraid to get mentored and learn from others who are doing it right. We all need to continually seek out opportunities for professional and personal growth. And mentoring can help.

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Bonus: Watching other brands take off can spur your creativity and see needs that are constantly evolving. Check out The Next Big Brand: Live Pitch Competition by Yoxi to get motivated.

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