REPORT: The Huffington Post Still Rules Publishers on Facebook, But Here Comes PlayBuzz


NewsWhipOctober2014Shares650The Huffington Post continued to lead publishers tracked by NewsWhip in shares and overall interactions for October, but PlayBuzz was hot on HuffPost’s heels.

Findings from NewsWhip’s October data included:

  • HuffPost set a record for Facebook interactions with its October total of 67.4 million.
  • PlayBuzz moved into third place overall, overtaking Fox News Channel.
  • The New York Times moved into seventh place on the overall list and sixth place in terms of shares.
  • 15 of the top 25 publishers tracked by NewsWhip had more than 10 million interactions for the month.

NewsWhip went into more detail in its blog post:

The Huffington Post continued to assert its dominance in terms of overall sharing reach. It added an impressive 2.1 million shares over its September numbers. That brought its overall Facebook total up to more than 67.4 million for the month, a colossal increase on the 53.4 million it achieved in September.

BuzzFeed also had a good month, growing its overall interactions by about 7 million. October showed us that BuzzFeed seem to be very much over its quiz phase. Back at the start of 2014, we were talking about how the new format had been so successful for BuzzFeed on Facebook. It’s a different story now, with not a quiz to be seen amongst BuzzFeed’s most-shared stories last month. Instead, it’s back to an old staple — the listicle.

After its ascension to second place in terms of overall shares in September, PlayBuzz continued to grow its total throughout October. It is in second place again in the top 10 shares chart, managing to close the gap on The Huffington Post, with a significantly lower output.

Meanwhile, Bitecharge, another quiz-oriented site, came onto our radar in a big way last month. It had the most-shared story of last month, the simply titled “How Old Do You Act?,” which picked up more than 1.46 million shares, ahead of PlayBuzz’s most shared quiz, “What Color Is Your Personality?,” by 400,000 shares or so.

Readers: How did your favorite publishers fare?