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REPORT: Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Help Make Social Top Source Of App Discovery


Social networks including Facebook and Twitter were the most effective marketing channel for developers promoting their applications in terms of user quality, conversion rates, and volume, according to a report by AppsFlyer, a Facebook mobile measurement partner.

The report from AppsFlyer cited Facebook’s mobile app install ads as a key factor, saying that prior to the first quarter of 2013, social scored well in terms of delivering high-quality users, but it lagged behind in volume and reach.

AppsFlyer added that app categories that performed particularly well with social marketing channels included games, travel, social, and location-based, concluding:

We believe that the social channel will continue to grow very fast as initial campaigns delivered high-quality users. We expect social campaign costs to increase as more advertisers seek to leverage social channels like Facebook.

Readers: Where do you discover most of the apps you use?

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