Political Cybersquatter Grabs Domains Before Campaigns Do




Alison Lundergan Grimes had no website the day she announced her bid for Senate last week. So curious supporters and would-be donors who typed in two of the likeliest locales for her digital home — alisonforsenate.com and grimesforsenate.com — instead landed on blank pages. Or, at least, they were almost blank. All that appeared on both sites were the domain names spelled out in big boxy blue font and an email address listed “for inquiries.”

Michael Deutsch had struck again.

The little-known Florida resident has made it something of a hobby to snatch away desirable digital destinations from unwitting politicians. In that regard, Grimes is in heady company. In the last 15 years, Deutsch has snapped up web properties of value to the likes of President George W. Bush, Sens. John McCain and Joe Lieberman, Gov. Chris Christie and even President Obama’s new political advocacy group. Read more…

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