Polar Vortex Jokes Took Twitter By Storm


11809448596_e75b502b7d_cIn the world of “online,” remarkable weather is always a popular topic. Whether it’s the first snow of the year, or a bad flood, or just a really sunny day, you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be people flocking to social media to tell everyone else.

So it’s no surprise that Twitter reacted to the polar vortex with a strange kind of joy. I mean, what ELSE are you supposed to do while you’re freezing your butt off at work?

And it’s not exactly like people are talking about the weather because they feel it’s their duty to warn people, or because they think they’re the only ones who’ve noticed. It’s actually because extreme weather is the perfect excuse to take selfies:


Or to pretend you’re in Jackass, and do something stupid. Like peeing outdoors in subzero temperatures (frostbite, anyone?). Or jumping onto an icy trampoline.

Or, for the less adventurous, bad weather provides a chance to show the world how hilarious you are. Pretend to BE the polar vortex:


Or take part in a hashtag game or two. You could even start your own, and try to get it trending.



Then, if all else fails, just be your own witty self.


And if you missed out on the fun this time around, no worries. There will be some other “thing” to join in on soon enough. Why participate? Because chatting on Twitter is probably a thousand times more interesting than whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing at work!

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