Pinterest Travel Pins Generate 200 Million Place Boards


Pinterest Travel Pins Generate 200 Million Place Boards image Screen Shot 2014 02 18 at 10.29.12 AM

Pinterest has introduced Pinterest Place Pins that enable users to map out locations of photos on their Pinterest boards. As well, the Place Pins use Foursquare’s API to show where Place Pin locations are on a map. Users are using these boards to share their trips and highlight points of discovery such as restaurants, gift shops, museums, and attractions.

Craig Makepeace, a travel advisor, has built up 4 million followers on his board that focuses on his family’s travels around the globe. The Pinterest travel board brings in over 120,000 unique visitors per month to his blog, and is a major contribution to his business.

Users find the visual travel boards useful because they encourage discovery and sharing around favourite destinations and new discoveries. Over 750 million places have been pinned since Pinterest introduced the feature in November of 2013, and over 1.5 million new places are pinned each day.

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