Pinterest Adds Animated GIFs


Pinterest Adds Animated GIFs image pinterest gifs

Pinterest finally has GIFs, software engineer Ludo Antonov announced in a very BuzzFeedy-looking blog post last week.

A spokesperson confirmed days prior that Pinterest was in the process of testing GIFs, but gave no further details as to when users would be able to start using them. Usually when a platform says they’re “testing” something, they mean “wait a year until you don’t care about this anymore,” so Pinterest’s quick follow-up is a pleasant, if sneaky Jennifer Lawrence-photobomb-esque surprise.

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“The well-timed GIF may be the greatest thing to have happened to the internet since emoticons, and lots of people have said they’d love to see playable GIFs on Pinterest,” Antonov wrote. ”Starting today, we support GIFs in all their animated glory!”

With GIFs, Pinterest has finally caught up to competitors like Tumblr and Google+, where GIF-ing is kind of a staple. Given that Pinterest was recently named the fastest growing social sharing channel of 2013, adding GIFs is solid move that makes the social network that much more competitive. In light of that, we’re not sweating that Pinterest is a bit late to the GIFs game.

Are you happy that Pinterest has finally added GIFs?

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