Paul Walker Tops Social Movie Charts (Infographics)


Expion, a social software company, put together an infographic that ranks 2013’s top 10 grossing movies by Facebook fan engagement that I thought you might be interested in checking out. Expion analyzed the Facebook pages of ten movies, including over 2,500 posts, from Jan. 1 – Dec. 5, 2013, to find out which film has the most engaged Facebook fans. The infographic highlights engagement rates for each movie overall, each day of the week and top characters/actors such as Paul Walker, Katniss and the Minions.

  • Fast & the Furious tops the social charts: Paul Walker is the face of two of the top three posts in 2013 across all the movies and Fast & the Furious 6 garnered 42.4 M Fan Actions which is over twice what the number two movie – Hunger Games – earned.
  • Pepper Potts vs. Louis Lane: When looking at the leading ladies in this year’s superhero flicks, Iron Man and Man of Steel, Pepper Potts is clearly the fan favorite. Pepper earned 51.7 K Fan Actions per Post whereas Lois earned just 6.8 K.
  • Minions vs. Mike: The Minions, from Despicable Me 2, are this year’s favorite animated character. Posts featuring the Minions earned 61.3 K Fan Actions per Post which is nearly 3X what posts featuring Mike Wazowski from Monsters University earned.
  • The Social Flop: Gravity was the biggest social flop earning just 480 k Fan Actions!
  • Weekend Engagement is Higher: Saturday and Sunday are the days of the week with the most Facebook fan engagement and Friday has the lowest!

Download the infographic here: