ParseUI for iOS Works with New Screen Resolutions


ParseiOSUIBeforeAndAfter650Facebook-owned cloud application platform Parse released ParseUI for iOS, a collection of user-interface components designed to be compatible with the new screen resolutions that were recently added to iOS.

ParseUI is open-sourced and available via GitHub or the Parse iOS software-development kit.

Facebook iOS engineer Nikita Lutsenko offered more details in a blog post:

A couple of months ago, iOS added new screen resolutions for developers to support in their apps. As a result, many developers needed to update their user interfaces to look native on these new screen sizes.

Today we’re introducing ParseUI for iOS, a collection of user-interface components aimed to streamline and simplify user authentication, data list display, and other common app elements. You might be familiar with these components already, as they were previously packaged inside the main Parse iOS SDK. With this release, we’ve updated how they look and made them resolution-independent to ensure a polished presentation on any screen.

Inside this release, you’ll find all new designs for every component with simplified user interfaces plus many under-the-hood improvements, such as smoother animations and faster rendering.

All components were rebuilt from scratch to be resolution-independent, meaning they both look great and are native on any screen resolution. This resolution-independent approach also introduces support for more presentation options. It gives you the flexibility to comprehensively customize everything within your application’s navigation and layout.

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