Parse Revamps Android Push API


ParseLogo650Facebook’s cloud-based application platform, Parse, announced a revamp of its Android Push API, saying in a blog post that the new application-programming interface will simplify setup for developers, as well as boost reliability and make it easier to extend or customize in order to override default push behavior.

Software engineer Thomas Bouldin wrote in the blog post:

With the new API, we’ve decoupled the concepts of registration and reaction; the icon and activity that you want push to use are no longer statically bound to a channel. You can replace all calls to PushService.subscribe(myApplicationContext, “channel”, MyActivity.class, intIconID) with ParsePush.subscribeInBackground(“channel”).

We’re also introducing a new special field for Android pushes. If you specify the URI push option, the notification created will navigate to that URI rather than launching the default activity.

When the user clicks “back,” they will be sent to your launcher activity (overridden with getActivity). As a security precaution, the URI option may not be used when a push is sent from a client.

We’re very excited for this new API. If you’re not ready to adopt the new API quite yet, the old push APIs are deprecated but still work exactly as they did before. We hope you are excited for the new approach. It’s now easier than ever to get started and to transition from turn-key implementations to much more sophisticated ones.