Pandora Becomes Top-Grossing App Maker on iOS


pandora, app store, mobile apps, music, social mediaPandora has become the top-grossing app publisher in the iOS ecosystem, edging out Apple itself, according to data released today by the mobile analytics firm App Annie.

“Its accomplishment is even more impressive given that it was based on just a single app,” App Annie said of the data.

Pandora’s revenue home run stems from its recent implementation of a fee scale for users who listen to more than 40 hours of music per month. Users have the choice of paying a one-time $ 0.99 fee each month they exceed 40 hours of listening or subscribing to Pandora’s ad-free premium service for $ 3.99 a month.

Pandora, which has lobbied to reduce royalty payments for Internet radio services, attributed the rate hike to a 25 percent increase in licensing costs in the past three years.

Although Pandora’s quarterly report, released yesterday, impressed investors, it lost $ 28 million. The company has only turned a profit in one quarter since it went public in mid-2011.

Pandora is the fourth-largest grossing app on the Android platform, after the Asian apps LINE, GREE, and Kakao.


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