PageData: Green Bay Packers Surge On Facebook On Eve Of NFL Playoffs


SuperBowlXLVIIILogo650The Denver Broncos, the top seed in the National Football League’s American Football Conference, led the league’s playoff teams in terms of likes gained over the past seven days, but surprisingly finished dead last in people talking about this movement during the same period, seeing its PTAT total drop by 45,766, according to data from sister site PageData.

The Green Bay Packers had the most momentum on Facebook heading into the NFL’s postseason, coming in second on the likes list and dominating the list of PTAT gains.

The Cincinnati Bengals and defending National Football Conference champions San Francisco 49ers also saw PTAT losses over the past seven days, although the Bengals’ drop was far more severe than that of the 49ers.

Following are the gains (or losses) in likes and PTAT for the NFL playoff teams in the past seven days, via PageData:


  1. Denver Broncos 46,046
  2. Green Bay Packers 38,801
  3. New England Patriots 35,931
  4. Seattle Seahawks 35,021
  5. San Francisco 49ers 34,930
  6. Carolina Panthers 34,804
  7. Philadelphia Eagles 31,388
  8. New Orleans Saints 24,521
  9. Kansas City Chiefs 17,374
  10. Indianapolis Colts 13,174
  11. San Diego Chargers 12,523
  12. Cincinnati Bengals 11,151


  1. Green Bay Packers 362,838
  2. Philadelphia Eagles 214,137
  3. New Orleans Saints 190,330
  4. San Diego Chargers 127,750
  5. Seattle Seahawks 127,540
  6. New England Patriots 58,786
  7. Carolina Panthers 58,513
  8. Kansas City Chiefs 50,988
  9. Indianapolis Colts 24,591
  10. San Francisco 49ers -11,228
  11. Cincinnati Bengals -41,657
  12. Denver Broncos -45,766

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