Our Valentine’s Day Challenge: #BePresent with Nokia


We’ve shared our thoughts on how to live in an always on, always connected world. Balance is key; and reconnecting is important. This SMW14, with our friends Nokia, we dive deep into it with “The Future of Now.”

We’re particularly interested in how technology is changing the human experience, and how we can humanize technology and put more purpose into every action because of this.

We see it all the time. We’re over-connected and need more time to disconnect. So, this Valentine’s Day, we challenge you to #BePresent.

We want you to be present this Valentine’s Day and just this once put their phones down to enjoy the experience with their partners.

Why now? 79% of women admit they text during a date. And that’s just one data point. Nokia recently did a survey in the UK and found four out of ten people in the UK check their work emails whilst out on a date, with Londoners as the worst culprits (19%). 40% of men aged 25-35 are the ones who are the biggest workaholics, 18% checking their work-related emails hourly.

Other stats from the survey include:
• 1/5 of men and women say they have checked their social media whilst dining with a date
• 26% of couples already in a relationship are the most distracted with checking their Facebook or Twitter at least once
• However singletons are best behaved with 78% saying that they would not update a status while meeting a new guy or girl.

So, let’s collectively #BePresent tonight. Be with our loved ones, our friends. And remember the human connection. Your social media and emails can wait.

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