Oreo’s ‘Gatsby’-themed tweet is a slam-dunk

It’s a pretty simple tweet: A photo of two halves of an Oreo, both
somehow magically layered with crème, with eyes drawn on. The cookie
edges along, with a few crumbs, form the frames of a pair of eyeglasses.
The accompanying text says, “A great story calls for a great cookie.”
Nothing is spelled out, but within hours after the tweet was posted
Friday, dozens of Twitter fans with some familiarity with F. Scott
Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” took notice, either retweeting or
favoriting the message. They identified the image as the eyes of Dr.
T.J. Eckleburg, the optometrist whose run-down billboard oversees
many key events in the book.

The Twitter reaction to the post was overwhelmingly positive, patting
Oreo on the back for its sly nod to fans of “The Great Gatsby,” a movie
version of which opens Friday.

If someone wanted to be stick in the mud, he or she might say the
billboard may not be the best symbol for a brand to tout, given that it
represents the United States’ loss of spirituality in favor of rampant,
empty commercialism.

Even so, it’s a clever image, and the slogan “Have a cookie, old sport”
(adopting Gatsby’s generic pet name for a friend) nails the fun tone
Oreo managed when its Super Bowl blackout tweet gained it similar kudos. 

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