Online Giving: Is It Right For Your Church? [Infographic]


Is online giving right for your church? It is if your church could use an extra week of tithes and offerings each month. Sixty-six percent of U.S. consumers pay bills online, and fewer checks are being paid each year.

Of 1,078 churches surveyed, 14 percent were exceeding their annual budget for tithes and offerings. Of those churches, some of the top factors that influenced giving are: they accept automatic recurring donations, they offer online giving, and they use a giving kiosk, among others. In times of crisis, online giving can offer a fast and convenient way to give quickly. It also allows multiple gifts to be made in one transaction, and the ability to review your giving history.

There are many reasons your church should offer online giving. For instance, online giving allows recurring payments, which can turn irregular givers into regular givers.  Ninety-four percent of people ages 18-29 use the Internet; so online giving will also get the younger generation involved in your financial base. People who no longer carry checks and cash will become frustrated if online giving is not offered, and are therefore less likely to give.

One of the churches that put online giving on the map, Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, TN, receives 33 percent of its total tithes and offerings online. If you are interested in a similar trend in your Church, check out the infographic below to learn more.

Online Giving: Is It Right For Your Church? [Infographic] image Online Giving Infographic1Online Giving: Is it right for your church? [Infographic]
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