On-Demand Car Sharing Service Might Arrive In Your Town Soon


Getaround, the popular car-sharing service, is planning to come to more cities with on-demand cars, enabling users to rent and immediately start driving a car with just a few clicks on their devices. After a recent funding round of $ 24 million, according to Forbes, Getaround is preparing to enhance its technology and user experience to allow users this on-demand functionality. Car owners that use Getaround must equip their vehicles with the correct technology that allows users to unlock and lock the car through a smartphone application.

Currently, Getaround is most popular in San Francisco, but part of the new funding will be used to expand to Oakland, Portland, Washington D.C. and more cities along the East Coast. Car owners in the Getaround network can make about five times as much renting out their car if it’s offered on demand. Getaround is targeting a different market than that of Uber, Lyft, and Hailo. Instead, Getaround users likely require a vehicle for more than just one ride, multiple days, and even longer trips across multiple cities.

There is a major shift in consumer ownership and sharing assets. Similar to how Airbnb makes it easy for individuals to avoid owning a home, Getaround makes it easy to avoid owning a car. These “anti-ownership” innovations are catering to younger consumers that are hesitant to purchase, afford, and manage long-term assets. Getaround may not be sending a self-driving car to your location, but they’re certainly advancing this trend, and making lives easier.

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