Now on Storify: Editors, Grid view and more


Collaboration comes to Storify with our Editors and Story Lock features, and a new Grid view lets you show off your stories in style.

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Mon, Jul 01 2013 12:12:26

Every day, more businesses news organizations are adopting Storify to tell their brand’s or audience’s stories. While this has been amazing to watch, we’ve understood that using Storify as a team can be tough without better editing and collaborating options. That’s why today we’re excited to announce a revamped Editors option for Storify Business users.
Find out more about the Editors option below along with two new features we’re giving everyone, Story Lock and the Grid template


Anyone with Storify Business status can now add Editors to their account in Settings. In the past, having multiple people use one account was problematic – stories might be edited in two places at once (resulting in lost information), and it was impossible to know if someone else was editing at the same time as you. Not anymore.
• Anyone you give Editor status to can create a story for you without needing your login information: 
Editors – “Create As” ·
• While your Editors work on stories, a new featured called Story Lock lets them know if multiple people are trying to access one at the same time.
Storify_Editor ·
• You can make anyone on Storify an Editor, and even if your Editors are on Free accounts, they can use Business-only options for your stories, like “Headerless” embeds, HTML for SEO or exporting stories as PDFs.
• As of today, all Business accounts can add one Editor for free! For larger teams, new upgrade options in our Business plans enable you to add five or ten Editors to your account if needed.
Story Lock is available today for all Business accounts and a limited number of Free accounts. We’ll be rolling it out across the entire service in the near future (when working alone, it’s incredibly handy for avoiding accidents caused by keeping stories open in multiple tabs or windows).

New story format: “Grid”

A fun feature we’ve been testing internally is now available on Storify! Inspired by the recent response we saw from the New York Times’ use of our API, a new “Grid” template now allows everyone to display stories in an incredibly visual way.
“Grid” Template ·
To try it, go to “Distribute” at the top of your stories now and choose the Grid template from the embed style options.
New Template – “Grid” ·
In Grid view, all image elements in your story (tweets containing pictures, Instagram photos, Vine videos, etc.) form an incredible visual with attribution info is used as captions. It’s a great way for your audience to consume your stories visually, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll get creative with it.
In addition to embedding stories in Grid view, you can preview or share any existing Storify story as a grid by simply adding “/grid” to the end of its URL. Check out this NBC News story in Grid view for example.
The Grid view is available to all Storify accounts today. Questions? Comments? Leave them below, or find us @Storify any time. 
Otherwise, enjoy! And as always, thanks for sharing your stories.

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