Non-News is News of the Day on Twitter


Has social media become little more than standing on a collective soapbox? New York Times blogger Jenna Wortham seems to think so, particularly when it comes to Twitter.

In Wortham’s experience, the number of followers one has on Twitter is less important than getting noticed by retweets and favorites, especially by well-known people. In the race to be recognized, being in the now takes precedence over being in the know, and Twitter is overrun with non-news items such as the arrest of Justin Bieber.

Wortham says:

Twitter is starting to feel calcified, slowed down by the weight of its own users, cumbersome, less exciting than exhausting. It may be why less public forms of communication — messaging applications like Snapchat, GroupMe, Instagram Direct and even old-fashioned e-mail threads and Google groups — are playing a bigger and bigger role in the most meaningful interactions during my day online.

twitter newsHow far can clever one-liners take a person, whether written in the form of a Tweet, Facebook post or the like? Wortham points to “landing a fleeting spot on a round up at Buzzfeed or The Huffington Post.”

Has Twitter’s real-time newswire led to an over dissection of information, regardless of how irrelevant, by people looking for attention? Are users so caught up in a need to be validated that the “conversation” has become stilted and one-sided?

Let us know in the comments if you believe less public modes of communication like messaging apps and email offer the most meaningful interactions.

Read the full post by Wortham on The Times’ Bits Blog.

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