Nightlife and the Role of Social Media


Nightclubs can make extremely good use of social media for marketing purposes, since the target audience is well within the core audience of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular sites across the web.

From standard marketing messages to the strong use of media and other tactics, these hot spots can appeal greatly to people in their area.

How are some of the biggest and best nightclubs using social media to reach out to fans?

Follow along as we examine some key examples in this industry.

Look at Some of the Hottest Nightclubs

You hardly ever have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Actually, it’s more like repurposing it to fit your company and voice/strategy.

With this in mind, it is very much relevant to look at some leaders in the nightclub industry.

The following social media examples could provide inspiration:

Beta Nightclub

Beta Nightclub in Denver: Take one look at Beta’s Facebook page, and it’s hard not to get drawn into the club’s presence. A smooth transition from the profile picture to the cover photo, complete with stunning visuals, is quite impressive and immersive. But take a look at the cover photo, which contains the lineup for the upcoming weekend, complete with hashtags, to motivate audiences to visit. Add in a post for pre-sale tickets and it’s easy to see how it works together for one goal: sales.

Webster Hall in New York City: There are hashtags, contests, and media galore on the Twitter handle for the historic nightclub.  With more than 29,000 followers, Webster Hall is able to leverage a large audience with consistent messages throughout the day that can generate business.  On one of the biggest social networks around, all of these come at a small price – and that follower count can keep on growing, opening up more opportunities.  Consistency and smart use of hashtags, links, media, and more is the simple and effective story here.

The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas: This nightclub from Andrew Sasson and Light Group gives plenty of great examples of one strong practice on their Instagram page. It doesn’t get the attention it should by most, but responding to users on social media is a key element of any good presence.  Amongst the gorgeous pictures, The Bank joins in on the fun conversations of fan pictures and more. As one person comments in a fan picture, “That’s my leg … Haha”, The Bank simply replies “what a leg! (lip icon).”  It really is that simple!

Never underestimate the insight that is available across the spectrum of social media networks and companies.  There are hundreds of fantastic examples that you can use for inspiration.

Merging Best Practices with Your Needs

This is really what it’s all about.

Once you learn the best practices for any given social media network, you can apply it to your business and its unique voice, strategy, and needs.

For instance, hashtags are a unique element in social media.

They are a primary part of Twitter and Instagram, but haven’t yet entered the mainstream on Facebook.  By using them appropriately on the former sites, you can expand your audience. They can even be the key to a great promotion, such as running a contest on Instagram where users take a picture and qualify to win a free item by using a certain hashtag.

Cross-market and take advantage of the unique aspects of any network, such as recent advances in video implementation on Facebook (auto play) and varying rules for contests.

By cross-marketing, you can use stronger networks to help the other ones build.

In this same conversation, offering exclusive promotions and contests on a single social network can give your fans a reason to follow you on every site.

Don’t forget about the power of others’ help. Create relationships with the people and companies that can heighten exposure.

For nightclubs, this might include niche local blogs (traveling, nightlife), artists/DJs that perform, and beverage companies that are featured at your nightclub.  Marketing each other can have impressive rewards for your social media presence and overall sales.

Put it all together for a clear and cohesive social media plan that hits all the right notes.

This will help your nightclub reach more and more people in one of the most logical places.

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