New Administrative Feature for Facebook Page Owners


Facebook has added a new feature that, while it won’t mean anything to the general public, will add a new level of administrative oversight for owners of Facebook business pages. This new feature from Facebook was first brought to my attention by one of my students last week, as it hadn’t yet been revealed to me on the pages for which I’m an admin. Then yesterday morning, there it was. It’s not a big change or a particularly earth shattering feature, but it is one that will be helpful, particularly for those businesses that have multiple admins and multiple people who have the ability to post content on a page.

The feature is just a little tweak that allows admins of a page to see who in particular was responsible for which posts and which updates on a timeline. As you can see from the picture below, each post now includes the name of the person who wrote the update.

New Administrative Feature for Facebook Page Owners image keep track facebook

The same is true when one of your page admins responds to a comment. And as the note says, this information is only available to your page admins, not the general public.

This feature is particularly helpful to keep track of admins, and know who to give credit (or blame) for particular posts. Again, in most cases this isn’t a big deal, but it is helpful from an administrative stand point.

If you’re looking for this on your page, it just began this past Thursday, and only affects posts from February 20, 2014 and beyond.

New Administrative Feature for Facebook Page Owners image page posting facebook

As Facebook matures, new administrative and functionality features are added, making the platform more useful. Over the past few years the insights information and functionality has improved greatly, but of course there are plenty of other things that could be added or improved.

What features or functionality would you like to see added to Facebook’s business pages, particularly on the back end for administrators?

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