Never Miss Vines From Your Favorite Accounts With New “Favorite” Feature


Vine has released an update to its app that allows users to “Favorite” individual Viners and accounts. Once you “favorite” an account, you will receive alerts each time that account posts a new Vine. Many users “Like” individual Vines in order to save them to watch again later, but now there is an option to connect more with your favorite Vine celebrities, brands, and friends.

According to Felix Fung, an Engineer at Vine, “You will receive a push notification and a notification in your Activity feed every time your favorites post a Vine. At any time, you can view all your favorites or update your notifications from Settings within the app.” This new feature is somewhat similar to SnapChat’s notifications functionality. One of the reasons SnapChat is so popular with 18-34 year olds is the direct connection and notification between friends. “Favoriting” a Vine account is a similar method, but does not necessarily go both ways.

This feature update will ultimately help both content creators and content consumers on Vine. For creators, this will strengthen the relationship with fans and followers. After favoriting an account, and depending on the amount of time a user spends on Vine, creators can ensure their content will be seen more frequently by their fans. For consumers, it helps make it easier to keep track of your favorite personalities and accounts. For Vine, it’s a win-win because the overall network of users will become stronger.

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