Networker or Emailer: Which Are You?


Now that toddlers can operate smart phones better than some adults, there is a definite shift in the way we communicate. The mobile phone gives us more options than ever before, but both generational factors and personal style determine which communication style each of us is most drawn to. Follow the flowchart in the Demandforce infographic below to find out which group you belong to and what that says about you.

Are you a worker bee who can’t stand to see numbers in that little red bubble above your mail app, constantly filling your friends’ inboxes with puppy GIFs and viral videos? Are you a texter, who is constantly on the go, LOLing, too busy for full sentences? Maybe you’re a networker who prefers to communicate with your entire social network in 140 characters or less? Or you could be an old school phone caller who craves the sound of a human voice in your ear drum. Find out below!

Networker or Emailer: Which Are You? image comunication style

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