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Storify has updated the Related Stories feature and will soon bring it to embedded stories on the web.

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Mon, May 20 2013 13:31:17

Have you ever browsed the Related Stories area when viewing stories on Storify? It’s always been one of our favorite features to highlight our amazing community of social storytellers. Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve updated the related stories algorithm to serve up more recent, related content. By the end of the month, related stories will also be featured at the bottom of embedded stories on the web:
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This is great for readers seeking more sides to a story, but also gives our community of storytellers more exposure. Whether you’re putting together a story about something niche, nascent or trending worldwide, your work has a much better chance of being discovered.
Because this change affects embedded stories, we’ve added the ability to turn it on or off as a customization option for our Business and VIP accounts, joining other recently added options like disabling comments and hiding story view counts from the public. You can find out more about these recently-added options and features here.
Related stories is live now for stories on and will appear in new story embeds starting June 1.

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