More Firms Investing in Social Media


Social media is taking just about every facet of business by storm, so it’s not surprise investment firms both large and small are taking the networking bandwagon for a socially savvy ride.

But, investment companies have to balance their social presence with digital responsibility if they want to network safely and successfully.

With social investing in mind, here are just a few ways investment firms benefit from using social media as well as a few tips for worry-free networking:

Around the Clock Information

Information a fingertip away is something that society has come to expect, which is exactly what social media provides.

This idea of timely, around the clock information is a huge advantage for the investment sector where money matters is an ongoing, highly time-sensitive matter.

From emerging markets to client outreach, social media provides investment firms a way to inform and update interested parties. Considering social media is a free venture and offers connectivity in a real-time environment, it’s an effective approach for investment firms to take when it comes to informing and staying informed.

Trust Building

Building trust in the financial world comes one investment at a time, but social media can also help in the building process.

Thanks to the one-on-one authenticity of social networking, investment firms can give the necessary attention to clients and other companies when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

From posts to tweets to live chatting, social media provides a platform that makes investor relations a solid relationship.

Clients that are feeling connected to investment firms via social media experience the same bond that friends and family do using the same networking practices, which is a great way to build trust on more than just a financial level.

Communicating Made Easy

At the heart and very foundation of social networking is communication, which is also a large part of the investment sector’s framework. Without steady, dependable communication, relationships fall apart.

Social media keeps relationships alive by providing various ways to effectively communicate from across town, across the country, or across the world.

Considering investing waits for no time zone, communication is essential for investment firms and their clients.

Social media makes it possible to easily communicate with current customers, prospective clients, stakeholders, and other business leaders through the various messaging and updating services that only social networking provides.

Social Media Avenues

From strictly social sites to business-oriented networking built for professionals, social media provides plenty of ways for investment firms to get connected. Here are some of the top social sites for investment pros to take advantage of:

  1. Facebook – Although Facebook leans more toward the social than professional arena, it’s still a great way to update and inform clients as well as build relationships. Investment firms can use Facebook to track financial news feeds, engage with current investors, and create fan pages for marketing purposes.
  2. SlideShare – Socially speaking, SlideShare sheds new light on the way professional presentations are, well, presented. From creating a corporate presentation to sharing analytical data from anywhere via a slide-by-slide format, SlideShare helps connect the investment sector with a massive audience.
  3. Twitter – Pertinence makes the world turn and thanks to live tweeting, Twitter helps put information in the spotlight. Whether it’s continuous conversations on a financial level or live tweeting investment news, Twitter is a great tool for investment firms.
  4. LinkedIn – For investments firms wanting to take a no-nonsense, professional approach to social networking, LinkedIn is a step in the right social direction. From creating company pages to promoting key investment services to organizing professional contacts, Linkedn literally links every realm of the investment and professional world.

Tips for Social Success

It goes without saying that investment firms engaging in social networking have strict SEC regulations to follow, but there are other forms of etiquette to take into consideration before going social.

Here are just a few ways investment firms can play it safe while networking:

  • Keep it Clean – There’s a big difference between personal and corporate information and it’s wise for investment firms and professionals to know that difference. If there is any hesitation with a post or tweet, professionals should play it safe and not post at all.
  • Make a Record of All Social Interactions – No matter how big, small, or insignificant, investment firms should keep track of all social interactions by implementing a company-wide social media archive.
  • Linking – Investment firms should use caution when linking to other content through their social accounts. When not thoroughly researched, third-party content can wreak havoc on authenticity and professionalism.
  • Follow All Regulations Accordingly – As always, the SEC regulations are set in place for a reason, so investment firms should respect and follow them down to the last word.

When used wisely, social media is a great tool for investment firms looking to expand and enrich their networks.

About The Author

Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including technology, Pete Briger Slideshare, and social networking.