Meet the First Baby Born After Genetic Embryo Screening




What makes Connor Levy, a baby born on May 18, special is that his genome was sequenced for abnormalities before he was born — meaning the doctors examined him as an embryo to ensure he would have healthy cells

The process of gene sequencing is usually expensive and available at many IVF (in vitro fertilization) clinics. In Connor’s case, it was accomplished through next-generation sequencing (NGS), which may become a low-cost alternative

DNA is a relatively large molecule that consists of a chain of bases called nucleotides and DNA sequencing is the process through which we understand the precise sequence of these bases in some DNA. Early versions of commercial DNA sequencing methods looked at the entire strand of DNA from one base to the next, step by step. NGS is comprised of a new set of methods that don’t go from top to bottom. Instead, researchers split up the strand into many parts, and then process all of them in parallel. Once that’s done, the results are put back together. Read more…

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