Marketing Morse Code: Set Up Your Twitter Strategy


Marketing Morse Code: Set Up Your Twitter Strategy image 15180346 sMost of us are familiar with Morse Code, that mystifying alphabet where letters are represented by a combination of long and short signals mostly called dashes and dots.

Typically we’ve seen Morse Code used in movies where the distress signal S.O.S, three dots, three dashes, three dots is sent and a rescue is made.

What made Morse Code so popular in movies is that it could easily be sent in a short time and get an immediate response. The tool was adaptable. You could use a hammer on a pipe or a flashlight. Whatever worked.

Poignantly when Morse Code was retired in the nineties, the French Navy’s final message was “Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence.”

Obviously they hadn’t heard about Twitter where silence has been replaced by a deafening roar.

And talk about immediate response.

In 140 characters or less, Twitter provides a quick and easy way to get your message out to clients and potential clients.

OK I’m sold. What are you waiting for? Let’s get tweeting right?

Not so fast, before you do anything else you must develop a TwitterMarketing Strategy and Plan.

Begin with your marketing objective. What do you hope to accomplish with your Twitter Campaign. This is the most difficult to establish since your objective will set the tone and your approach to tweeting.

On the plus side having a strategy makes it easy to manage your account since you do not have to second guess yourself when sending out a message. This also makes it easier for multiple people to manage an account while keeping it consistent with company goals and branding.

In creating your Twitter Campaign consider:

How will your landing page look? Will it include photos?

What is the name of your Twitter account? Will it reflect your business name and brand in a way that makes it easy to remember? This may seem obvious but is it easy to spell?

How will you get followers?

What are the keywords associated with your account? This is an important element since these keywords will attract the right followers.

What type of tweeters will you follow? Will you follow only those who work in your industry or will you include others?

How often will your post?

What type of information will you post? Will you post about specials or sales, news events or other comments about your industry?

Will you be provocative to stimulate feedback?

Will you block irrelevant or spam accounts?

What is your policy on “Favourites”? This is strategically important since each time you favourite someone’s content they are notified and your name is in front of them.

What are the rules for abbreviations? Will you develop a lexicon of common terminology and abbreviations for your business that you will use consistently to promote your brand?

Will you retweet and if so what type of information will you share?

These are just a few examples of what to include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

This is your first step in a quick and easy way to get your message out and you won’t even need a flashlight.

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