Manalto Rolls Out Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning Platform For Brands On Facebook


Manalto650The latest entry into the field of enterprise resource planning platforms for Facebook and other social networks comes from Manalto, which announced its new cloud-based social media ERP system Thursday.

Manalto said its platform allows brands to create and manage fully customized Facebook pages, regulate user permissions, and monitor and engage with communities on Facebook and Twitter, all via a centralized dashboard.

The new system from Manalto also includes built-in insights and analytics, such as an audit trail and user performance tracking, as well as a centralized media library, and messaging functionality that allows brands to create real-time or scheduled posts and comments.

Manalto Founder and President Anthony Owen said in a release announcing the new offering:

Manalto formed from the need to address a significant challenge and barrier to entry facing multisite, multibrand organizations wanting to adopt social media into their existing traditional and digital suite of sales and marketing activity, but not able to find the right solution that delivered the same level of rigor, brand control, and granular-level user management controls. Manalto is positioning itself as a mid-tier social-media-management software provider, architecting enterprise-grade solutions for single-site and multisite organizations, such as franchise groups wanting to sustainably and efficiently integrate social media management into their core operations and marketing activity.

An organization can introduce Manalto software for 120 days free, or start a pilot of the software and continue to expand their social media footprint and functionality without having to look for a new or additional software provider. Manalto is an enterprise-driven social-media-management solution provider. We engineer our core solutions and tailor our ongoing product development and enhancements in direct response to operational and marketing-driven needs to deliver enterprise grade social media management capability.