Make Time For These 10 Activities


With the rise of technology in our lives, we’re looking for more and more ways to save time and be more efficient. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make time for more personal things. This is the core of our global theme, The Future of Now. With the holiday season and new year approaching, now is better than ever to start.

Here’s our list of 10 Things We Should Be Making Time for.

  1. Writing letters and notes.
    Take time to say hi when you need nothing at all. The power of a handwritten letter, note, or card is never lost. It’s personal. It means more. And this goes for your personal goals and to-do’s as well. Writing it down improves the likelihood you’ll complete the task.
  2. Doing nothing.
    Unplug. Turn off all devices. Sit and soak in nothingness. Meditate. It does wonders to help recenter yourself and clear your mind.
  3. Discovering things independently.
    Sure, you can Yelp your next dinner. You can explore new bars on Foursquare. Or you can follow along the latest trends on Twitter. But there’s a nice rush for planning out an unknown adventure. Take a chance and make time for unadulterated discovery.
  4. Waiting to respond.
    No, I’m not talking about playing games with text messages to look suave. In our fast-paced world, we’re used to getting everything immediately. Not sure of something- just Google it. This is something I hear a lot from my team: I don’t need to have the answer right away. Sometimes waiting to respond and thinking creatively about the response is the better response.
  5. Reading real books.
    There’s something about holding something physical, taking notes in, and looking back at. The one area of digital that is still evolving and catching up is tactile connections. There’s great beauty in a physical book and note-taking.
  6. Getting physical.
    In the same vein as reading a book, get outside. Get active. Reconnect with our physical world. Build something. Do something manual, physical, that requires you to use your brain and a little effort. We know that climbers are seeing brain structural changes for the better. There’s something that happens when we have to use our body and the physical world that can enhance our creativity, reinvigorate us, and make us healthier.
  7. Calling someone, just because.
    Yes, we can text, email, FB, but just like a note sends a powerful message, so does picking up the phone to use it for the time-honored tradition of a phone call. Take a moment and just listen and talk.
  8. Listening to music.
    Not as background noise, but listen to music as an entity. Enjoy it. Understand the lyrics. Move with the rhythm. And on the flip side, walk around without background music. Take off the headphones and appreciate your surroundings. It’s amazing what you notice when you attune all of your senses.
  9. Keeping inside jokes.
    With our constant urge to share everything online, the value of an inside joke is growing. Small, personal jokes that help you bond with someone else. I’d like to see more of this and less ambiguous posts.
  10. Stopping to talk to people.
    Turn off our phones at dinner. Put away your devices on the train. Turn off the radio on your commute. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you over something you share at that moment, just for the sake of you both being alive.

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