Make a Prezi for Your Mom in Five Minutes!


Mother’s Day is a chance to remind our mothers how much we love them. It’s a day to reflect on our favorite memories of Mom and to share our appreciation with our families. Anyone who’s been far from home on Mother’s Day knows that it can be hard. Usually, you’re reduced to sending a card in the mail or calling home to let her know you care. Well, a few Prezi users came up with new ways to express their thanks to their mothers on this special day. Check out these heart-warming examples or scroll down to create your special prezi for Mother’s Day — in only five minutes!

Lexie Tai chose to celebrate Mother’s Day by sending her mom a special greeting in the form of a prezi. With Prezi, Lexie could insert family photos and cute illustrations into her message—going a step beyond a simple phone call by making her sentiments visual, too.

Like Lexie, Mary-ees Rañon made a prezi to share her love with her mother using images as well as words. Mary-ees used the holiday as a chance to celebrate her mom’s accomplishments and qualities, writing, “Many women have done wonderful things, but you surpass them all!”

Danielle Signaigo took a different approach to her Mother’s Day prezi, exploring the question, “What’s in a mom?” in order to highlight some of her favorite memories with her mother. The result is a heartfelt, loving, and humorous prezi.

“Family is the most important thing in the world,” Thulasi Nandakumaran, a student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, wrote in a prezi she made for her grandmother. This quote, from Princess Diana, highlights Thulasi’s motivation for making the prezi: she wanted to convince her grandmother to come live with her. Thulasi concluded her prezi, called “Project Ammamma,” with the line, “Life is too short to live alone, when you can share so much happiness with the people you love.”

Make this year extra special by using a prezi to show your mom how much she means to you. It’s easier than ever to share photos, videos, and words in a prezi to say Happy Mother’s Day in a whole new way that a phone call never could. This premade Mother’s Day prezi template made by graphic designer Travis Hitchcock, is one easy way to send your mom a beautiful, digital card that you can customize as much as you want.

The scrapbook template is also a great option, as it lets you make a digital photo album that you can use to thank your mom for raising you with love and care. Simply follow these four easy steps to make your Mother’s Day scrapbook prezi:

1.) To get your customizable scrapbook, go to the Prezi Scrapbook page and click “Create a Prezi Scrapbook.” Here you find a digital scrapbook template and in the lower righthand corner of the canvas, there are lots of materials like scraps, speech bubbles, and stickers you can play around with. For this special occasion, one of our designers created some Mother’s Day stickers as well!

2.) Add family photos to the empty picture frames by either clicking “Insert,” selecting “Image,” and locating files on your computer or by dragging files directly from your desktop into the editor.

3.) Add captions by clicking on the placeholder text and inputting whatever message you want. “I love you, Mom!” might be a good starting point.

4.) If you want to add background music—your mom’s favorite song, perhaps—or insert videos from YouTube, you can do so through the “Insert” tab. It’s as easy as uploading an mp3 file or copying and pasting the video’s URL.

5.) Share your finished prezi with your whole family by either emailing them the link or posting it to your Facebook page, which you can do easily via the “Share” tab in the upper righthand corner of the prezi editor.

Whatever you want to let Mom know, doing it with a prezi lets you combine your words with pictures, video, and audio to create something beautiful in no time at all. We love our moms, and we want to help you express your love, too!