LinkedIn Releases New ‘Channels’ for Reading Articles and Slide Shows


LinkedIn’s front page, LinkedIn Today, has undergone an organizational makeover to make news links and slide shows easier to find. Announced today, LinkedIn’s ‘Channels’ allow members to browse, sort, and follow content by category.

“As part of our efforts to simplify the product experience, we have chosen a small set of content channels that intersect high-quality content and professional insights that matter most to LinkedIn members,” LinkedIn spokesperson Blair Decembrele said.

Some of the channels, like “Things I Carry” and “My Best Career Mistake” are based on LinkedIn’s monthly content packages that incorporate themed essays from LinkedIn’s chosen “thought leaders.”

Others reflect news on popular industries, such as technology and healthcare, or general career advice and tips for both professionals and students.

Currently, there are around 20 channels. The company expects to add more in the future.

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