LG Invents a New Pixel for Its 77-Inch 4K Curved OLED TV




LAS VEGAS — For LG, it wasn’t enough to build a big 77-inch 4K TV with a curved screen. It also upgraded the display technology itself by adding a fourth subpixel to every one of the 8+ million pixels in the display.

While most TVs have three subpixels (red, green and blue or RGB), the LG 77EC9800 adds a fourth white one (WRGB). LG isn’t the first manufacturer to offer four-pixel screen tech — Sharp has been doing it in its Quattron line for years — but it’s the first time we’ve seen it applied to a 4K set.

The advantage of having four pixels is improved color accuracy and contrast. In fact, LG claims its 4K wonder has “infinite” contrast, meaning the blacks are as black as can be. Also, the TV’s Color Refiner tech keeps a constant watch on every pixel, adjusting color temperature as necessary to maintain a smooth and consistent picture. Read more…

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