Let’s Call It: #SuperBowl XLVIII Is the Biggest Social Media Event Ever


Super Bowl XLVIII

There’s no need to wait around for the numbers. The race has already been run before the pigskin was kicked off. Super Bowl XLVII in 2014 is the biggest social media event of all time and will likely stay that way for a few years.

It’s bigger than the Oscars. It’s bigger than the presidential election. It’s bigger than the death of Michael Jackson. It’s bigger than last year’s Super Bowl. It’s probably going to be bigger than next year’s Super Bowl (which I’ll explain shortly). More activity will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social sites before, during, and after the game than ever before.

This year marks a true tipping point for social media. While it will continue to grow as a venue for communication, one thing will change. Overexposure of event tracking will actually peak today and then gradually level off. Unless next year’s game has a better matchup (and this one is pretty darn stout) with bigger markets like a Cowboys/Jets matchup, we will see a slight drop off next year.

The hype around the quarterbacks, the coaches, the teams, the marijuana coincidence, and the originality of the commercials will taper a bit going into next year’s Super Bowl. This is a strange prediction to be making, I know, but they thought it was strange in 2007 when I said that Facebook would eclipse MySpace. We won’t know for sure for another year but I stand by it.

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