Kiwi Move Aims to Outsmart All Other Wearable Tech




Kiwi Move is a multi-use activity tracker that tries to replace several other similar devices and help you with your daily tasks

Designed by Kiwi Wearable Technologies, this wearable tech and internet-enabled device is aiming to do everything – from tracking your daily physical activities to controlling your internet devices at home. If you’re ever making a smoothie, you can just dictate the recipe aloud and Kiwi will update your shopping list and calorie counter

The device both updates information like logging your daily workout and finds ways to improve your life. For example, the Kiwi “Move” app will analyze a wearers behaviors and over time suggest improvements on actions like your golf swing. With a five-day battery life and its ability to be worn anywhere, Kiwi Move hopes to make a splash in the wearable technology industry Read more…

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