Kiev Protesters Gear Up for Bloody Fight After 2 Die in Clashes




KIEV, UKRAINE — After the bloodiest day in Ukraine’s two-month-old uprising, protesters are gearing up for a long and potentially brutal fight with riot police. They packed bags full of fresh snow in front of barricades on Independence Square and duct taped thick magazines and pieces of plastics to their shins and forearms

At least two protesters were shot and killed early Wednesday. A third reportedly fell to his death from atop a colonnade after police beat him with truncheons

Protesters at the scene told Mashable they saw a sniper fire the shots from a nearby rooftop. One of the men took a bullet to the heart, according to Oleg Musiy, a medical services coordinator for the protest movement. The other man was shot in the head and neck up to four times, he said. It’s unclear whether the bullets were rubber or metal. However, Musiy said “it is impossible” for those wounds to have been caused by rubber bullets. Read more…

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