Kidnapping rescue and Mother’s Day: Week in review May 10


Missing children finally recovered and remembering our mothers this week on Storify

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Fri, May 10 2013 16:55:47

It was a case that had dragged on for a decade in Ohio. But this week after years of captivity, Amanda Berry and other missing children were freed from the house where they were held in Cleveland. 
Picture of the house in Cleveland, Ohio, where three women, missing for ten years, were found. ·
RTÉ News
The Daily Beast’s Storify story followed all the action, including the interview that went viral of Charles Ramsey, who discovered the women:
Charles Ramsey interview, rescuer of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight in Cleveland ·
Because Ramsey mentioned how he had been eating McDonald’s before finding the women, even the company got in on the story:
And his interview ended up sparking an Internet meme, as chronicled by Al Jazeera in their Storify story that also included this songification of his interview:
DEAD GIVEAWAY – Hero Charles Ramsey Songified! ·
It turned out there was more to Ramsey’s past, including three prior convictions for domestic assault, as the CBC wrote in their Storify story about the case. They had originally wrote the hero story, but later updated their Storify story to add the new details as they came to light. 
Meanwhile, in a week with news about children and parents, the United States marks Mother’s Day this weekend. To help highlight mothers, the charity CARE is asking their followers to tweet about why they are #GratefulForMom and use that hashtag, which they are collecting in a Storify story.
And the U.N. Foundation held a Mom+Social event to speak about the key role of mothers in global development, and collected posts from the event in Storify.
Putting the finishing touches on the Message to the #UN Secretary General – from Moms around the world #globalmom @unfoundation @embratora ·
Anastasia Dellaccio
“I want to teach my children to always come from a place of love,” @JLO.
#Globalmom supporters Jennifer Lopez and Lynda Lopez.
United Nations Foundation
From all of us at Storify, we also wish you a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend! Make sure you thank your mother or whoever was important in helping you grow into the person you are.

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