Jumpstart your career with a Prezumé


Prezi was not created with the intention of providing a whole new platform for resumes–without any prompting from us, it just happened. We first started seeing them as part of the job applications that landed on our desks, and before long we started to find great examples of prezumes (Prezi+resume) everywhere.

Prezi was created with a strong desire to be different, we were bored with linear presentations, and so seems to make sense that when the world wanted something different from the traditional resume format, some people turned to Prezi. Fortunately, it seems employers like this innovation too, especially as creativity is now a massive asset to success.  

With any good sales pitch, prezumes provide room for all the necessary information your potential employer is looking for but with the extra benefit of Prezi’s unique visuals. What you end up with is a brilliant showcase of your personality as well as your professional achievements. Prezumes are an even more compelling choice when you want your job application to tell a story rather than present a list. And when compared to the standard cover letter and resume method, you’re definitely going to leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, creating a presume is a lot more fun than the dreaded cover letter. Instead of worrying how to start writing about yourself, you can get down to the business of showcasing yourself visually. So how do you start? Whether you already have a resume, or you’re looking to create your first, a good structure is the best starting point. You’ll most probably want to mention your education, work experience, skills, and personality. Gather all the information you have and divide it into groups so you can start building your story. With some idea of what information you want to include, it’s time to start browsing through the selection of purpose-made Prezi templates (find them here) and choose the one that best suits your needs. Then you can replace the default information in the template with your own. Not enough frames for all your volunteering work? Go ahead and copy paste an existing frame. 


Once you have all the things you want to include in place, you can start to think about all the images or videos you want to include. Whether it’s a recorded presentation you gave at a conference, or a newspaper cutting for an event you organized, media items are always an enormous help for when you want employers to get a glimpse of who you are really and what you have achieved. 

Finally, the first impression is still very important. Make sure that the overview of your prezume looks good and makes sense. It’s best to present a well-structured vision of your career so far from your first path point and not what looks like random content scattered across the vast canvas. While zooming helps to reveal the details and show the big picture, you can kill a good prezumé with pointless zooming and no sign of cohesion.

Of course your creativity can go beyond these three templates. Feel free to save any of the template components using the My Collection feature so that you can use them to build your own custom prezume. For inspiration and examples of what we think makes a good prezume, check out the examples below.


If you’d like to see more prezume examples, visit our Explore page


+ Practical advice from a Peter Kovacs, our Talent Scout at Prezi:

1. Keep it simple! Highlight only the most important things so you have a higher chance to get a personal interview where you can fill in the details.

2. Focus on what’s happening now. Are you taking an online course, or have you just finished a successful project? Always start your timeline with the present and make sure to include the things you are busy with nowadays.

3. Treat your resume like a real-life introduction. You are guiding the viewer through a journey, so don’t forget to say hello and thank them for their time, like you’d do in person.

4. Figure out the best way to include your prezume in your application. Send the view link to your prezi in an e-mail with a short personal message. Application forms on websites also provide fields where you can insert a link to your prezi.