Jif Peanut Butter Embraces the GIF


Choosy moms choose GIF with a soft “g” sound. Shortly after GIF creator Steve Wilhite declared that the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format should be pronounced like the peanut butter, Jif fired back on Twitter with a link to a GIF of its own.

Wilhite settled the pronunciation debate once and for all in his acceptance speech at the 2013 Webby Awards, where he received a lifetime achievement award for the dancing images that he created in 1987.

Rather than worry about branding or copyrights, Jif’s Twitter admins jumped on the #Jif #GIF hashtags, added a trademark symbol to the company’s name, and spread the word like it was peanut butter on toast.

Jif can also thank director Sean Pecknold, who recently used the peanut butter to explain how to pronounce GIF in his video, “A History of the GIF: Moving the Still.”

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