Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Taylor Swift at Golden Globes Is All You Need




Oh Jennifer Lawrence, you’ve already given us gold just hours into award season

The red carpet darling pulled off a flawless photobomb (well, more of a videobomb) of none other than Taylor Swift, during an E! interview with Ryan Seacrest on the Golden Globes red carpet. It was so GIF-able, it’s like she knew the Internet was waiting

tumblr_mzbdpxrdHW1tp9tfso1_500Image: Tumblr, maggie-butlive

The moment only kept getting better when J-Law joked with T-Swift (a match made in abbreviated heaven) that she was planning on pushing her down the stairs. Then they both fan-girled with each other about their individual awesomeness. But fun fact, Lawrence has never attended a Swift concert, despite being invited several times Read more…

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