Is the Stop-and-Frisk Law Just? (Infographic)


Is the stop and frisk law keeping us safe, or is it just promoting discrimination? The controversial law that New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani initiated in 1994 has been a hot topic for years. The law states that police officers may stop, question, and frisk anyone who they identify to look reasonably suspicious, all in an effort to reduce crime and violence.

However since its implementation, Stop and Frisk has promoted the detainment of higher numbers of minorities than whites, something that isn’t exactly a secret. In the first three quarters of 2013, New Yorkers were stopped by police a total of 179,063 times. Of those that were stopped 56% of them were black, 29% of them were Latino, and only 11% were white. As a whole, so far, 89% of the people that were stopped were totally innocent. So what is Stop and Frisk really doing for us?

Every year since it’s inception, more and more people are being stopped, but the minority to white ratio pretty much stays the same. Recently in 2013, Federal judge Shira Scheindlin found Stop and Frisk to be racially discriminatory and unconstitutional.

What do you think about it? Take a look at this infographic for more and tell us what you think in the comments. Share it with your friends and hear what they have to say about it, too.

Is the Stop and Frisk Law Just? (Infographic) image Stop And Frisk1

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