Introducing the Tech Startup and Celebrity CEO Social BuzzMatch



Startups come and go — especially technology startups. According to startup watch firm CB Insights, social startups have absolutely the highest death rate. Of course, social startups are also the ones that get the most attention on social media. How very meta.

Still, not all startups are social startups. There are plenty of startups buzzing around social media on a regular basis these days. In keeping with the “Best Startups of 2013” and “Startups to Watch in 2014” lists, social media monitoring firm Synthesio has set out to track the year’s hottest startups and see if they live up to the hype.

The Startup BuzzMatch is comprised of Internet-based tech startups that appeared on lists from Business Insider, Mashable and Forbes. Throughout the year, Synthesio will track social mentions of the company names, mentions of particular apps, and other relevant key words on social media to compile its charts.

“Like the Billboard charts or The New York Times Bestseller list, we decided to create a running Top 10 List for the tech industry based on one of the most important metrics – social media buzz – and see which of the chosen wins the year,” said Loic Moisand, co-founder and CEO of Synthesio.

Uber took top buzz ranking for January with more than 23,000 mentions, followed by Distractify and Flipboard with 18,500 and 16,700 mentions respectively. Here’s the complete list of Top 10 startups from January 2014:


Let’s not forget the social obsession with CEOs. Synthesio decided to also run a Celebrity CEO BuzzMatch for 2014 as well. It’s no surprise that even post-mortem, Steve Jobs is the biggest celebrity CEO with a 300 percent lead on runner-up Tim Cook. Interesting considering the former is the late Apple CEO and the latter is the current Apple CEO.

The Top 10 CEOs for January 2014 are:

Featured image: Daniel Schwen

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