INFOGRAPHIC: Marketers Eye Social, Particularly Facebook, for 2014 Holiday Season


PileOfPresents650It’s never too early for retailers and other brands on Facebook to begin preparing for the holiday shopping season, and digital marketing software provider Offerpop, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, gift-wrapped an infographic with some relevant information to help fuel those preparations.

According to Offerpop:

  • Total holiday spending is expected to rise 8 percent in 2014, to $ 650 billion.
  • 62 percent of marketers surveyed said their primary goal for social marketing during the holiday season was driving sales and extending brand reach.
  • 92 percent of marketers said the majority of their social marketing budgets would go to Facebook.
  • 73 percent think Instagram was the breakout social network of 2014.

Offerpop vice president of marketing Kevin Bobowski said in a press release:

Social media’s maturation into a commerce platform is occurring rapidly and opening up huge opportunities for brands. A platform that many brands previously used only for engagement is evolving into an end-to-end solution that empowers brands to connect with, engage and sell to consumers in one seamless social experience. The 2014 holiday shopping season will be the first test of brands’ ability to leverage these new social commerce tools and a gauge of social networks’ power to convince consumers to purchase products directly through Facebook and Twitter.


Image of pile of presents courtesy of Shutterstock.