In Conversation: How Unruly is Studying How We Share


This post was written by Joe Geoghan


Unruly, the home of social video insight, hosted a presentation on Wednesday at the Highline Stages, designed to help brands maximize the potential of their video content strategy by using billions of data points to understand what works. Richard Kosinski, the company’s U.S. president, described the raw emotions generated by the most shared videos in the world, saying “Truly great advertising makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It makes your pupils dilate. That’s what we’re looking at.”

Richard also noted that Unruly partners with multiple universities and academic institutions across the globe to analyze the massive amounts of data. After the presentation, I joined fellow Social Media Week Press Corps member Claire Meyer in a conversation with Richard. We asked him about how Unruly benefitted from their relationships with academic institutions. Richard said, “Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania actually helped us with the math [on ShareRank]. Not a bad school to help you with the math! We’re also doing something with Rutgers, looking at understanding social media and marketing…so we’ve been teaching some classes over there as well.”

So, the institutions benefit immensely from the data provided by Unruly, but how does Unruly benefit from the schools? “In the media world that I come from there has been a really big shift to be really grounded in data, because brands demand it and it’s easier to get this type of information. There’s much more of a demand in business for that data, and I think universities are already very well geared to understand that world.“

I asked Richard about his feelings on the new school of marketing students and recent graduates. He said, “It’s fun, you guys are going to take the mantle from us and actually apply all this stuff in ways we never even thought of.”

The potential patterns are there to be uncovered, the behaviors that make us process what see and motivate us to share with one another. All we need to do is look.

Joe Geoghan is a senior at NYU, an associate producer with the Shorty Awards, and the Director of Marketing of the Student Net Alliance. Find his thoughts in 140 characters or less @joegeoghan.

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