In Brain Wave Experiment, Whoever Feels the Strongest Emotion Wins




Brent Hoff wants to piss you off

Well, it’s not that simple. The filmmaker’s current project, the Emotional Arcade, pits regular people in a competition to experience emotions as strongly as they can, while monitoring their brain activity. Once you’ve worked yourself into a boiling rage, a peaceful bliss or a meditative chill? You get a lollipop.

The Emotional Arcade is a blend of art, neuroscience and technology. According to Hoff, it’s a portable version of earlier films he’s made. Hoff’s film Love Competition, for example, challenged seven competitors to love someone or something as strongly as they could for five minutes, while a Stanford fMRI brain scanner and several researchers measured participants’ neural activity. The Emotional Arcade expands the range of emotions and takes the experiment on the road. Read more…

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