ICYMI The Latest Social Media Week News Story Roundup


Greetings all! It’s been a busy week after #SMW14 wrapped up, both the industry overall and our Social Media Week community. With all the news, events, and announcements this week, we baked a bite-sized brain-snack for you to taste and enjoy. Take a loo at some of the articles and news stories you may have missed from Social Media Week.

This 3-D printer can create a 50-part car in less than two days. Not yet consumer ready, but the implications are huge for 3-D printed, self-driving cars.

Facebook Interest Lists are an underrated feature that you probably don’t use. Helpful to stay organized for both work and personal Facebook use.

In a video interview of a young Steve Jobs, he shares his secrets to life in less than one minute.

As crazy as it sounds, we have four steps you can take to personify your brand with the help from fabulous drag queens.

A Kickstarter project called “Darma” aims to be the smartest thing you’ll ever sit on. The cushion helps improve your posture, lower stress, and reminds you to take a breather from the busy work day.

52 percent of the U.S. adult online population uses more than one social network, and the study offers insights on which industries and markets perform best on the various social networks.

Everyone seems to be using the main social networks that are popular today, but which niche networks can you and your brand take advantage of to creatively and effectively reach consumers and new individuals.

Elon Musk teases Tesla fans with “The D” along with some other hints and speculations.

Five ways you can reset your work-life balance. Communicating clearly, peace and quiet, and physical movement are just a few.

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