I Hate Babies, Zombies, and Duck Dynasty


Before the social hate mail tsunami starts, I am talking about these things in LinkedIn Profile Photos. I don’t need a retinal heat map study to prove to me that the photo is the most important part of a person’s LinkedIn Profile. That is why I continue to be amazed at the photos that some people post.

Here are three types that leave me shaking my head.

1. The Family Photo – In my LinkedIn training, I show examples of Good and Bad LinkedIn photos. One audience member took issue when I judged the photo of a man, woman, boy, girl, and baby as a bad example. He said, “I disagree. This person is showing that his family is important to him.” Now, I am not going to argue against families, apple pie, or the Good Ole’ U.S. of A. If the person’s family is a critical element of their business persona, then I’d give him/her a pass. I just can’t think what job that would be (marriage counselor?). The guy I won’t give a pass to is the one whose photo shows two kids crawling over his head. Cute? Absolutely. Do most people value “cute” from their IT consultant? I doubt it. I mean, he wouldn’t let his kids climb over his head in an important business meeting, would he?

2. The Zombie Photo – Have you seen those cropped photos where there is part of another person’s head or an extra arm or even an identifiable body part in the photo? I realize Zombies are hot right now, but your LinkedIn photo shouldn’t have extra body parts in your photo unless you are a regular on “The Walking Dead”.

3. The Hobbyist Photo – Love to hunt ducks? Water ski? Collect lawn gnomes? That’s cool. Everybody should have a hobby they are passionate about to bring balance to their life. Want to let the world know about it? That’s cool, too…on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Etsy, and a million other personal or hobby sites. I’ll even be so bold as to suggest you list your hobby in your LinkedIn Interests, but showcase it in your LinkedIn photo? Not unless it adds to your business persona…like the Duck Dynasty family.

Agree or disagree?

If you find any great examples of Good or Bad LinkedIn photos, please send them my way. I am always looking to add to my collection.

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