HubSpot creates the best unsubscribe message ever

A few years ago, Groupon had the distinguished title of “best unsubscribe ever.”

They’ve since changed it, but thanks to YouTube, you can see a version of what it used to look like:

Pretty awesome, right?

But the days of the daily deals company having the No. 1 unsubscribe page are over. There is a new leader in the “best unsubscribe ever” category: inbound marketing firm HubSpot.

This is what people see after they opt-out of all HubSpot email:

Before I even discuss the video—which is amazing—check out the rest of the page.

1. “Your changes have been noted.” The sentence is in a big font, at the top. It’s pretty clear what action you, the (un)subscriber just took. I feel like there is a bit of psychology to that sentence too. While there is no argument it was my choice to opt-out, that sentence makes me fell just a bit guilty.

2. “We already miss how close we used to be.” After that slight bit of guilt, they drop some humor. Well played.

3. “How about a second chance?” More humor, but this time with a clear, strong call to action. Since you are already unsubscribed, why not take the opportunity to connect with HubSpot on its social media channels? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. Simple, easy and smart.

One suggestion: Similar to what Groupon used to do, I’d put a “resubscribe” button somewhere on this page. Make it big (but not too big) and give folks a chance to opt back in. Why not try, right? This would be easy to track as well.


Hubspot Unsubscribe Video

Wow. Awesome.

What do you think? Am I right? Best unsubscribe ever.

Well played, Hubspot. Well played.

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A version of this story first appeared on the Waldow Social blog. 

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